Friday, June 25, 2004

Hogwarts Castle

Well, today at Hogwarts Castle I had a nice chat in the Slytherin Common Room with a couple of friends. One of my friends loves it when I change into my Animagus Form (a golden retriever puppy) because she thinks I'm so cute. Hear that? I'm cute. Anywho, today is her (the one that thinks I'm cute)'s birthday! Yay, let's through a party! (See that smiley? One time my friend Allen's dad said that Allen looked like that smile.) Hehe. Anywho, I've been reading this thread about this battle between TDE (The Death Eaters) and OotP (Order of the Phoenix) and it's kinda bloody but quite interesting. If you wanna read it, click here. Well, again I will say, if you haven't signed up with H-C than you REALLY need to because it's one of my most favorite Harry Potter sites! When I get on the comupter every morning I go to Mugglenet (it's set as my homepage) and then I check my mail, and then it's off to school at Hogwarts Castle. I beg of you to sign up. I know you will like it. If you don't, you can personally post rude comments about me in my comments box of this message (I can always delete them anyway. )

Well, I'll ttyl. Byezo!


Anonymous Lenny said...

Lol HEY! Glad you like HC :D Got bored and decided to search for HC, lmao. what's your username there? I'm Dolores Umbridge // Lenny XD

5:21 AM  

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